Illinois Auto Insurance

If you are looking for Illinois auto insurance just enter your Zip Code on the search box and see the names of the insurance companies in your specific area. These auto insurance companies are now offering free quotes when you visit their websites to make it easier for you to know the average cost of an insurance policy. Thus, you can make your own research and car insurance comparison from the different auto insurance companies at the same time, helps you know which will suit your budget.

But before you even get your own car insurance, you need to know the regulations first of the DMV and the State of Illinois car insurance Mandatory Laws regarding the insurance policies and coverage. This is so important because this will serve as your guidelines in choosing for the right company that you think will give you the best protection and security. Remember that it is not only about getting something cheap or less expensive; you should see the quality of the service that you will get out of it.

Illinois Auto Insurance Requirements

Now, here are some of the regulations you need to remember to make sure that you avoid breaking the law and put yourself in to more trouble:

  • There are two types of Illinois auto insurance liability coverage, the BI or bodily injury. This type of coverage that a minimum amount of coverage. It requires you to have at least of $ 20,000 for one person and $ 40,000 for two or more persons for the total amount of coverage. Now, the other type of liability coverage is the property damage which requires you to have at least $ 15,000 coverage.
  • If you have you car registered in the state of Illinois, you are driving on its highways or have Illinois license plates, and you are expected to follow the rules and regulations implemented in the state. No one is exempted in this rule and everyone is expected to abide.
  • You are not required to present a proof of insurance at the time you are registering your vehicle but your signature only means that you will secure one. The authorities are doing random check on the vehicles to see if they comply with this.

The drivers should always remember these rules at all times. It is something that you do not just for the government and the other people. It is also for your own good and protection.