Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person’s car?

When you are out driving another person’s car, the question whether whose insurance will cover you in case of an accident will always cross your mind. Will the car owner’s insurance cover your medical bills in case of an accident? Will you be free of any liability if you are the offending party?

The answer lies with the different rules and policies of every insurance company. Let’s say that you are a regular driver of that certain car and your name is listed on the registered drivers list of the covering insurance then you certainly will be covered. However, if you are not a registered driver, there might be some doubts whether you will be covered by the insurance policy of the car that you are driving. Varying insurance companies have different rules regarding unregistered drivers. If the person driving the car is authorized by the car owner, not a regular driver, and not a member of the household then that driver may probably be covered by the car’s insurance. If the insurance policy covering the car has an affordable “named driver” policy then any driver who is not registered with that insurance policy will not be covered by the insurance firm. The “named driver” policy usually is the policy of choice because it is cheaper than other similar coverages. However, this cheap auto insurance option offers the least coverage to possible car drivers.

You also need to check with the rules in your state. If the car owner’s insurance do not cover your medical or repair bills then the car driver’s insurance will act as a first party insurance that covers medical or possibly funeral bills. It is best to check the rules and ask for more information from your insurance agent to be sure about the guidelines of your chosen insurance company.