Can you legally use a different address to get cheaper insurance?

It is a fact that your location is a factor on how much your insurance premium may get. Other states are offered a more affordable premium while others are a bit raised. This why many people think of altering this specific information when they apply for their car insurance coverage. Instead of putting in their real home address, they write the address of their relatives or close friends just to yield cheaper premiums. Is this legal? No it is not! People who do this may be declined of an insurance coverage when it is needed. When your insurance company finds this out, you might be charged with fraud and your insurance coverage will be dismissed and you’ll be off searching for other insurance companies to take you. Looking for another insurance company is another difficult feat because they will surely know why your previous insurance company dismissed you.

However, if your home address and the address at which you park your car are two different locations then you may indicate that in your application if you are required to do so. Insurance companies may give some considerations. But, would you really risk an insurance coverage in case of an accident in exchange for a cheaper premium? The difference may be a 2 or 5 dollars a month and honestly it will not be worth it. It doesn’t matter if you pay a premium higher than your other friends does. The important thing is that you are sure to be covered whenever an accident happens. If you want to get cheap car insurance, you can shop around for insurance companies that can give you lower rates. You can also ask for discounts. Insurance companies give various discounts like paying an insurance coverage in full for a year. You may be given a 10% discount for this.