Liability Car Insurance Coverage

Cars cruising down the road or moving at great speeds in highways can just crash, collide, and metals and glasses fly all over along with human bodies. Despite caution, even the most careful drivers can have car accidents. Aside from defensive driving and installing safety gadgets in modern cars, there is something else that car owners can do to safeguard personal protection as well as that of others: the liability car insurance.

Dissecting The Liability Car Insurance

The liability auto insurance which is also called as third party car insurance is a mandatory insurance in about fifty states in the US, in Canada and in most countries around the world. The third party referred to in this instance that is being provided the protection is someone who suffers the injury as a result of the actions of the insured or the first party and is indemnified by the insurer or the second party. This type of car insurance has been designed to cover the damages unfortunately incurred on the injured party which can be very serious. This is also a sort of protection for the insured as he/she is saved against costly expenses or lawsuits should the insurance have inadequate coverage.

Without an adequate coverage and if it is just taken out for the purpose of compliance, the car owner can be liable to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to a third party in case of a serious vehicular accident. This is why the liability auto insurance is essential to all car owners and why it is mandatory. For purposes of law enforcement, cancellation and non-renewal of policies are communicated to Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). The failure to maintain this type of insurance can lead to suspension of the vehicle registration as well as the driver’s license.

Most mandatory car insurance liability is required to carry the two types – bodily injury and damage to property. These must at least carry the minimum levels of financial responsibility such as $15,000 bodily injury liability for one person and $30,000 for two or more persons as well as $10,000 property damage liability. Bear in mind that these minimum vary from state to state.

The Liability

The liability or, technically, the liability car insurance coverage typically consists of three elements: Bodily Injury per person, Bodily Injury per accident and Property Damage. These are generally lumped and may be stated as: $50,000/$100,000/$50,000 for the three elements respectively. Getting individual coverage is remote. To make sure that all these three components are lumped, seek clarification; do not assume anything where terms and conditions of the policy are concerned.

The bodily injury liability coverage keeps the insured protected for an accident that hurts another person as the insurance covers the costs of injuries and lost incomes. It does not, however, covers the injuries of the insured. The coverage may include: emergency aid at the scene of the accident, medical bill for the treatment arising from injuries during the accident, compensation for loss of wages on those days of hospitalization and recuperation, funeral expenses in case of death and legal costs if the accident leads to litigation.

Meanwhile, the property damage coverage indemnifies the third party whose property is damaged during the accident. These may include their car repair or replacement costs as well costs of repairs of structures like mailbox, fence, house, storefront or building but not the insured’s own property.

The Quest Is On

Perhaps, it is not a novel challenge for many car owners to go through a hard time finding the most suitable liability auto insurance. These days, there is a comprehensive array of choices and alternatives that makes it possible to find a good match. The process involved in finding the most suitable one only seems daunting; learning about the process, the system and the tools make the entire thing a simple matter that a car owner appreciates soon enough.

The first thing that has truly revolutionized the entire thing is the use of the Internet. What may normally be accomplished in days or weeks can be done in a single hour done right in the comforts of an individual’s home or office. The finding of liability only auto insurance is not only fast, easy, convenient and efficient, it is also free. The only thing that a car owner needs to do is to find a website that can calculate quotes and churn multiple quotes ranging between 50 to over a hundred of those liability car insurance quotes. If finding the website or getting to know the right companies to deal with is a concern, try reading liability car insurance reviews. Perusing the consumers’ reviews and those made by experts with their opinions on prices and features can be very enlightening and practical too.

Perusing the quote calculators in websites serves as an important tool in finding the cheapest liability car insurance that is well-sought these days. This is not really surprising considering the economic recession that swept the global economy. Car owners, however, must be guided accordingly so as not to have notions about cheap insurances. Finding the prospective affordable insurances and the comparison of the insurance rates can be an important step in ensuring that the rates are competitive. It is, however equally critical to compare the features of the different offerings at hand.

The features are similarly essential. Combining both, the price and the features, can be the best approach in the picking the best cheap liability car insurance. This is most certainly achievable considering the intensity of competition existing with so many insurance companies. As a matter of fact, insurance companies can offer you payment options that can stagger the payments so that the cost can be coped up.

What is liability car insurance? Obviously, it makes one a good Samaritan and a responsible car owner as it ensures that the injuries one causes, both to people and property, are adequately covered. It protects the insured from lawsuits as well as their personal assets. It does not, however, cover one’s own bodily and property damage; for that, the car owner needs an expanded or additional insurance. Try asking your insurance company for additional security.