How Does Marriage Affect Car Insurance Premium?

You may be wondering on ways on how to get cheaper auto insurance quotes. The insurance company has many ways in determining your insurance premium and many factors to consider. You can get discount in many ways, from your safety devices of your car, taking a safety driving course for senior, turning 25 and even getting married. It is not that you will be getting discount for getting married but more on combining your policy. Though there may be some insurance company that the premium will go down for the husband’s separate policy because of the possibility that the wife may drive his car at times. Women are considered as safe driver than men. This may be the reason why the insurance premium of the husband may drop down. But the significant discount that may apply to your policy is by combining your two policies, the husband and the wife, under one policy to enjoy the multi-car discount. The multi-car discount can contribute a lot in dropping the premium compared to a single vehicle on the policy.

The principle of the multi-car discount among married couple is that the wife, who is considered as safe driver, may use the husband’s car that may have high premium. Not unless the wife has a driving point or any driving violation, then the insurance premium should go down. Different insurance company though may have different rates on their discount and their charges; you may start comparing quotes and shop around as to what insurance company can offer you a great deal on multi-car discount. You also need to consider the coverage that it will bring into your policy. You may be paying small premium but the coverage that you are getting is not enough or not good enough to back you up any claim that you may have.

It is always better to find good deals or lesser premium but an insured may need to consider as well, how well the coverage of that insurance company. As an insured, it is our every right to avail all discounts, to get the best service offered and best claim support that you can get. You can only get this with proper shopping for the ideal insurance company and comparing quotes and coverage. This is your life, and your family’s life that we talking here after all. You might want to be very cautious in choosing your insurance company.